Currently, I’m a programmer at a state university. I also have my own coding projects outside of work. I discover things that are helpful with work and non-work projects. I’ll describe them on this blog so that I remember what I did.

Almost all my work is done with PHP & MySQL, When I first started working at the school, some of the department web pages were built with CGI/Perl scripts. I did work with Perl before on my old personal projects, so I was not completely confused when I saw the code that had to be updated.

I’ve stopped using Perl for scripting and am now trying Python. Python seems to be the scripting language of choice where I work, so I’m learning it to stay current, more or less.

I learned Ruby through a MOOC offered through Coursera and Berkeley offered in 2012(?). The class was “Engineering Software as a Service”. I think it was one third of a semester class through Berkeley (CS 169). I have the certificate of completion somewhere if you have to see it. I learned Ruby as fast as I could and I did finish the assignments, but I wish I had more time to learn Ruby before starting.

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