Still valid!

I knew I had written about using Mercurial and Git at the same time. I realized this would be useful when I decided to rebuild a helper application and (eventually) post it to Heroku. Heroku uses git to push files back and forth. As mentioned before, I used Mercurial first and was used to it. I want to stick with it because I’m used to to SourceTree, their desktop client. I followed my old instructions and it worked.

I noticed that Github allows unlimited private repositories. That was one of the reasons why I initially chose Bitbucket over Github so many years ago. I still have to pay $7/month, which I don’t have to do with Bitbucket. Ideally, the school would pay for it, but that’s not happening for a while.

(future me here)

I know why I did not drop Bitbucket entirely. It’s the free private repositories that I like. What I should have done is created the repo as a Git repo and saved that up to Bitbucket. I was not thinking.

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