odd power supply issue

My machine crashed again last night. It’s a Mac Pro and is connected to a battery backup that then goes to wall power. Last night, I heard the battery backup emit one beep, then shut everything down connected to it. I was running late and it was the end of the day, so I let it go to review in the morning.

Next morning, I can’t get the tower to boot. I disconnect it from the battery and try again with the same result. I disconnect it from the wall and start a support ticket. A few hours later, support comes by and the machine boots up. Their guess is that the capacitors inside the power supply need to discharge completely to avoid interference in the boot process. I’ve never heard of this before, but I do know that Apple has had capacitor problems in the past. This behavior matches what happened in the summer. Machine failed to start after shutdown. Machine was eventually disconnected from wall power. Machine boots again.

Very strange behavior, but I may be forced to disconnect the power if this keeps happening. I’ll need another machine, but I don’t expect one from work, due to other issues. I’ll figure something out.

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