Friday link dump for later reading

While trying to find some info about CakePHP 3 and its integration with AJAX, I stumbled across Zen of Coding, which had several posts on this topic. I realized I needed to find part one of his six part series, so I went to his home page. In the content list, I saw another post titled “Making Sense of Vagrant for your CakePHP or Symfony 2 project.” There, it discusses a GUI for the Vagrantfile config, based off of something called PuPHPet, a “GUI configurator for Puppet and Vagrant“. Puppet is for system administration, which I don’t do much any more. Vagrant configures “virtual development environments”.

I like the idea of Vagrant, where I can set up the same Ubuntu instance (for example) and feel confident it will work with any other Ubuntu instance running the same version (more or less). I plan on installing it (VirtualBox, then Ubuntu and maybe Vagrant) one day, when I get around to installing all the other stuff I need to load onto my machine first. For now, I have this post to remind me of all the links I want to visit very, very soon.