.htaccess and Mavericks upgrade

After the Mavericks upgrade, I noticed in my Apache error logs that I was not seeing the blocked requests I expected to see from non-work IP addresses. I discovered that the Mavericks upgrade updated /etc/apache2/httpd.conf, which is no surprise. What I should have done was checked to see exactly what changes took place in httpd.conf.

It turns out that the AllowOverride directive in DocumentRoot was changed back to its original value in the upgrade, or ‘None’. When I first started using this box, I changed that and allowed .htaccess in the DocumentRoot to allow access.

In the new httpd.conf, I changed that directive back to “AllowOverride All” for DocumentRoot only and restarted Apache. (I always forget: > sudo apachectl restart). Apache is running again. I checked it against the local (beta) sites running on this box. A day later, I see the familiar line in the error log file: Access blocked.


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