Lion to Mavericks upgrade

I finally had enough time to install the Mavericks upgrade to my work machine. It’s a good thing, too, since I was strongly encouraged to make the migration as soon as possible.

I downloaded the installer from the Mac App Store and ran it after downloading. I immediately ran into a problem. The message read:

The OS X upgrade couldn’t be installed because the disk ‘Mac HD’ is damaged and can’t be repaired. After your computer restarts, backup your data, erase your disk and try installing again.” I thought it would be safe to start off of one my duplicated hard drives, so I switched over to that one.

After some discussion with campus tech support, they suggested I get an external Time Machine backup and be ready to erase the hard drive. The backup finished after work, so I decided to run the installer the next work day. While I waited for the backup, I did a little research and discovered that a “Recovery Partition” could be used to solve the hard drive issue.

The next work day, I did some quick work, then ran one more backup. I switched back to Mac HD, restarted and hit the key sequence to start in the recovery partition (Command-R). I did not see anything that looked like a recovery application running or a recovery partition during startup. I eventually logged into my account on the hard drive, then ran the Mavericks installer again. This time I noticed no error messages or warning. After about an hour, I was running in Mavericks (OS X 10.9.4).

There some things to fix after the restart. I found this page that described what I needed to do. The short version goes like this:

  • Apache had to be turned on again
  • PHP had to be reset (running 5.4.24, OS X is always behind)
  • MySQL had be reinstalled (5.6.19 this time)
  • The MySQL socket error is still around, so I fixed that
  • installed phpMyAdmin (4.2.5). It’s a lot easier now, but I still have to install the dumps from the last version. However, I forgot to record the passwords for all the accounts that use phpMyAdmin and MySQL. Finding them all was fun. Get that info before running the upgrade.

I still have to check on Python and my day-to-day apps. I lost Parallels, but I haven’t used it in a while, so that’s OK. Carbon Copy Cloner may not run in its current version, so I’ll have to upgrade ($40!).


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