Fixing an Ubuntu update issue

I started having problems with Ubuntu updates. I noticed them at the beginning of the year. At first, the message that appeared was a notice about lack of space. A notice appearing after failed upgrades also described possible issues and fixes. I ran the suggested commands, *>sudo apt-get install -f” and “sudo apt-get clean”, but the error was not resolved.

I was unsure if the problem had to do with the lack of space needed to unpack the updates. “sudo apt-get autoremove” did not resolve the space issue. I focused on adding extra space the Ubuntu VM, described here. Once that was completed, I tried the suggested commands, but still had the same issues and errors. The error displayed read something like this:

> dpkg: error processing linus-headers – generic (~configure)
> linux-generic depends on linux-image-generic (
> however version of linux-generic in system is

I ran the suggested commands

> sudo apt-get purge linux-generic
> sudo apt-get install –reinstall linux-generic

I believe the idea is to remove the linux-generic version that is causing the issue. However, after running these commands, I still had the same message appearing. Running

> sudo apt-get clean
> sudo apt-get auto remove

did nothing new. I considered running dpkg, but dpkg won’t install dependencies that apt-get will, so I left dpkg alone.

After some more google searches, I ran across something that did work:

> sudo apt-get remove linux-image-generic linux-generic linux-headers-generic

As I understand it, this removes these items from the software waiting to be updated without removing configuration files.

> sudo apt-get -f install
> sudo apt-get auto remove

loaded the proper versions of the missing files and the Ubuntu updates have been running fine since.

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